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Contract gallery

NFT contracts

Sale of token for ada

The seller deposits a token in a Marlowe contract and the buyer purchases it with ada.

Sale of a token for stablecoins

The sellet deposits a token in a Marlowe contract and the buyer purchases it with Djed or iUSD.

Sale of a token with royalties

The artist receives royalties when the buyer purchases a token from a seller.

Swap of tokens for tokens

Two parties each deposit tokens and receive each others' tokens upon settlement.

Small airdrop of tokens

Several parties receive an airdrop of tokens at a predetermined time.

Several NFTs bundled as a collective NFT

A Marlowe contract that is itself an NFT bundles several other NFTs into a smart NFT.

Shared ownership of an NFT

Several parties jointly purchase an NFT, with an option for one party to buy it from the others.

NFT used as collateral for a loan

An NFT is deposited as a collateral for a loan, and lost if the loan is not repaid on time.

Pawning a token for a stablecoin

An NFT is pawned for iUSD, and the shop has the option to keep the token unless it is redeemed.

Token sale with oracle

Tokens are sold for ada, where a price oracle sets the exchange rate.

Auction of an NFT

An English auction is held to sell an NFT to the highest bidder.

Finance contracts

ACTUS contract for principal at maturity

Interest is paid periodically for a loan, with the final payment being the principal.

Coupon bond with guarantor

An example coupon bond is guaranteed by a third party.


A geolocated Marlowe contract

Cardano Beam adds geolocation to a Marlowe contract.

First-of-kind on mainnet

First peer-to-peer Marlowe loan on mainnet

A peer-to-peer installment loan uses a private stablecoin.

First reference script execution on mainnet

The first Plutus V2 reference script runs on the Cardano mainnet, in the form of a token swap.

First Plutus V2 on mainnet

The first Plutus V2 script runs on the Cardano mainnet, in the form of a Marlowe airdrop.

First Marlowe token swap on mainnet

The first input is applied to a Marlowe contract on the Cardano mainnet.

First Marlowe contract on mainnet

The first Marlowe contract is executed on the Cardano mainnet.

Example contracts on Cardano mainnet

If you want some inspiration and would like to get an idea of the variety of Marlowe contracts we have already run on mainnet, please browse through the examples accessed through the linked images above. The contract gallery contains various Marlowe contract use cases that have already been successfully executed on mainnet.

Each tile in the gallery above corresponds to a Jupyter (.ipynb) notebook file. Jupyter notebook files can be viewed in a web browser and use a format that supports an interactive computational environment combining code, text, and images.

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