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The videos listed below cover the full spectrum of topics related to Marlowe. Some videos are formal segments to courses. Others are webinar presentations. All of the presenters here (Omer Husain, Simon Thompson, Pablo Lamela, Brian Bush, Lars Brünjes, Yves Hauser, Alexander Nemish, Eric Czuleger) are experts who are deeply involved in the Marlowe team.

General introductory videos

Video TitlePresenterDate
Marlowe explained: build low code and no code financial smart contracts on the Cardano blockchainEric CzulegerJun 2022
Marlowe on Cardano ExplainedInput OutputMay 2021

Marlowe Pioneers 1st Cohort

Video TitlePresenterDate
1. WelcomeOmer HusainJul 2022
Why do we need smart contractsSimon ThompsonJul 2022
Why MarloweOmer HusainJul 2022
Marlowe suite overviewPablo LamelaJul 2022
2. Using MarloweLars BrünjesJul 2022
IntroductionLars BrünjesJul 2022
The EUTXO Model and Marlowe ContractsLars BrünjesJul 2022
Using DaedalusLars BrünjesJul 2022
Marlowe Run (deprecated)Lars BrünjesJul 2022
The Marlowe PlaygroundLars BrünjesJul 2022
3. Marlowe in DepthLars BrünjesJul 2022
Blockly and MarloweLars BrünjesJul 2022
Contract Metadata and GistsLars BrünjesJul 2022
Making ChoicesLars BrünjesJul 2022
Static AnalysisLars BrünjesJul 2022
HomeworkLars BrünjesJul 2022
4. Marlowe Embedded in Haskell and JavaScriptLars BrünjesJul 2022
Announcement of the Mock IncubatorLars BrünjesJul 2022
Marlowe embedded in Haskell PlaygroundLars BrünjesJul 2022
Marlowe embedded in JavaScript PlaygroundLars BrünjesJul 2022
Marlowe embedded in Haskell localLars BrünjesJul 2022
HomeworkLars BrünjesJul 2022
5. Marlowe and Standardization / ACTUSYves HauserJul 2022
Financial contracts and standardizationYves HauserJul 2022
Example contractsYves HauserJul 2022
MerkelizationYves HauserJul 2022
Standardization: ACTUSYves HauserJul 2022
6. Assurance and ConveniencePablo LamelaJul 2022
Some things that could go wrongPablo LamelaJul 2022
Static analysis and lintingPablo LamelaJul 2022
Formally verified propertiesPablo LamelaJul 2022
ConclusionPablo LamelaJul 2022
7. Marlowe CLIBrian BushJul 2022
Overview of Marlowe CLIBrian BushJul 2022
Installing Marlowe CLI and Associated ToolsBrian BushJul 2022
Running Marlowe Contracts without Blockchain TransactionsBrian BushJul 2022
Running Marlowe Contracts on the BlockchainBrian BushJul 2022
Running Marlowe Contracts with the Marlowe Backend, optionalBrian BushJul 2022

This last video, Running Marlowe Contracts with the Marlowe Backend, optional, discusses Marlowe Run, which has been deprecated in favor of Marlowe Runtime.

Marlowe CLI

Video TitlePresenterDate
Marlowe CLI: Overview and tutorialBrian BushJul 2022
IOG Academy -- Marlowe CLIBrian BushJul 2022

Plutus Pioneer Program: Marlowe

Video TitlePresenterDate
PPP 030901 - IntroductionLars BrünjesMar 2022
PPP 030902 - Simon Thompson: Marlowe OverviewSimon ThompsonMar 2022
PPP 030903 - Alexander Nemish: Marlowe in PlutusAlexander NemishMar 2022
PPP 030904 - Brian Bush: The Marlowe CLIBrian BushMar 2022
PPP 030905 - Marlowe Playground DemoLars BrünjesMar 2022
PPP 030906 - HomeworkLars BrünjesMar 2022

Marlowe webinar

Video TitlePresenterDate
Building a Language for Financial Smart ContractsSimon ThompsonOct 2021

Marlowe: Financial contracts on blockchain

A set of videos that introduce Marlowe, a domain-specific language for financial contracts on blockchain, a set of examples of Marlowe in practice, and the Marlowe Playground, a browser-based tool for creating, simulating and analysing Marlowe contracts.

Video TitlePresenterDate
PlaylistSimon ThompsonLast updated Jul 2022
Marlowe 0: IntroductionSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 1: Blockchain essentialsSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 2: Domain-specific languagesSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 3: Financial contractsSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 4: Onto blockchainSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 5: Escrow onto blockchainSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 6: Marlowe in fullSimon ThompsonOct 2020
Marlowe 7: Writing Marlowe contracts in HaskellSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 8: Writing Marlowe contracts in JavaScriptSimon ThompsonOct 2020
Marlowe 9: ACTUS and financial contractsSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 10: Verifying Marlowe contractsSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe 11: Introducing the Marlowe PlaygroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 12: Using Haskell in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 13: Using JavaScript in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 14: Building Marlowe directly in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 15: Building contracts in BlocklySimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 16: Simulation in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 17: Oracles in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 18: Analysis in the playgroundSimon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 19: ACTUS labs (experimental)Simon ThompsonNov 2020
Marlowe 20: Looking forwardSimon ThompsonApr 2020

Marlowe Playground tutorials

Video TitlePresenterDate
Marlowe Playground in 4 minutesSimon ThompsonSep 2021
Marlowe Playground: Contracts in Blockly, Cardano SummitPablo Lamela and Alexander NemishJul 2020
Marlowe Playground: Static Analysis of a Contract using SMT Solver, Cardano SummitAlexander NemishJul 2020
Marlowe Playground 1: OverviewSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe Playground 2: A first contractSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe Playground 3: Elaborating the contractSimon ThompsonApr 2020
Marlowe Playground 4: Choices and observationsSimon ThompsonApr 2020

Miscellaneous demonstrations of Marlowe capabilities on Cardano

Video TitlePresenterDate
1. Tokenizing NFTs as a Marlowe ContractBrian BushJan 2023
2. Marlowe Oracle for CardanoBrian BushDec 2022
3. Rollbacks on a Cardano TestnetBrian BushDec 2022
4. Marlowe Lambda in the BrowserBrian BushNov 2022
5. A Marlowe Runtime Client for AWS LambdaBrian BushOct 2022
6. Using the Marlowe Runtime backend to execute a Marlowe contract on Cardano's preview networkBrian BushOct 2022
7. Marlowe RuntimeBrian BushOct 2022
8. A Geo-Located Smart Contract Using Cardano Beam and MarloweBrian BushOct 2022