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Marlowe chain indexer service

The marlowe-chain-indexer executable follows a local blockchain node and writes the blocks and transactions to a database.

marlowe-chain-indexer: Chain indexer for the Marlowe Runtime.

Usage: marlowe-chain-indexer [--version] (-s|--socket-path SOCKET_FILE)
[-m|--testnet-magic INTEGER]
(-d|--database-uri DATABASE_URI)
--genesis-config-file-hash CONFIG_HASH
--genesis-config-file CONFIG_FILE
--shelley-genesis-config-file CONFIG_FILE
[--block-cost COST_UNITS] [--tx-cost COST_UNITS]
[--max-cost COST_UNITS] [--http-port PORT_NUMBER]

The chain indexer for the Marlowe Runtime. This component connects to a local
Cardano Node and follows the chain. It copies a subset of the information
contained in every block to a postgresql database. This database can be queried
by downstream components, such as marlowe-chain-sync.

There should only be one instance of marlowe-chain-indexer writing data to a
given chain database. There is no need to run multiple indexers. If you would
like to scale runtime services, it is recommended to deploy a postgres replica
cluster, run one indexer to populate it, and as many marlowe-chain-sync
instances as required to read from it.

Before running the indexer, the database must be created and migrated using
sqitch. The migration plan and SQL scripts are included in the source code
folder for marlowe-chain-indexer.

Available options:
-h,--help Show this help text
--version Show version.
-s,--socket-path SOCKET_FILE
Location of the cardano-node socket file. Defaults to
the CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH environment variable.
-m,--testnet-magic INTEGER
Testnet network ID magic. Defaults to the
CARDANO_TESTNET_MAGIC environment variable.
-d,--database-uri DATABASE_URI
URI of the database where the chain information is
--genesis-config-file-hash CONFIG_HASH
Hash of the Byron Genesis Config JSON file.
--genesis-config-file CONFIG_FILE
Path to the Byron Genesis Config JSON File.
--shelley-genesis-config-file CONFIG_FILE
Path to the Shelley Genesis Config JSON File.
--block-cost COST_UNITS The number of cost units to associate with persisting
a block when computing the cost model. (default: 1)
--tx-cost COST_UNITS The number of cost units to associate with persisting
a transaction when computing the cost model.
(default: 10)
--max-cost COST_UNITS The maximum number of cost units that can be batched
when persisting blocks. If the cost of the current
batch would exceed this value, the chain sync client
will wait until the current batch is persisted before
requesting another block. (default: 1000000)
--http-port PORT_NUMBER Port number to serve the http healthcheck API on
(default: 8080)