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Versioning policy

This document is intended to provide guidance for compatibility of tools within Marlowe with Cardano node. Developers can use this for tracking purposes and more formal support policies as the project matures.

Support and release cadence

At the moment, Marlowe does not strictly adhere to Semantic Versioning. Prior to a v1 release, changes may be breaking and backporting future fixes is to be determined.

Releases are not operating at a regular cadence yet, although critical bug fixes will typically lead to faster releases.

Release history

Marlowe Runtime

0.0.5September 26, 2023
0.0.4August 11, 2023
0.0.3July 11, 2023
0.0.2June 15, 2023
0.0.1April 4, 2023

Marlowe CLI

VersionDate 26, 2023 11, 2023 15, 2023

Compatibility matrix

Cardano Node 1.35.7Cardano Node 8.0.8Cardano Node 8.1.1Cardano Node 8.1.2

The jump in Cardano node versions represent the version number matching the protocol version of Cardano.

- Incompatible

- Compatible

? - Untested