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Create a new contract

Build an unsigned (Cardano) transaction body which opens a new Marlowe contract. This unsigned transaction must be signed by a wallet (such as a CIP-30 or CIP-45 wallet) before being submitted. To submit the signed transaction, use the PUT /contracts/{contractId} endpoint.

Header Parameters
X-Stake-Address string

A cardano stake address, in Bech32 format

Where to send staking rewards for the Marlowe script outputs of this contract.

X-Change-Address string REQUIRED

A cardano address, in Bech32 format

X-Address string

A comma-separated list of values

X-Collateral-UTxO string

A comma-separated list of values

Request Body
contract REQUIRED
metadata object REQUIRED
minUTxODeposit int64 REQUIRED

Possible values: value ≤ 18446744073709552000

tags object REQUIRED
version string REQUIRED

Possible values: [v1]

A version of the Marlowe language.

links object
contract string OPTIONAL
resource object
tx object
cborHex string
description string
type string
withdrawalId string

Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^[a-fA-F0-9]{64}$

The hex-encoded identifier of a Cardano transaction


Invalid X-Collateral-UTxO or X-Address or X-Change-Address or body or X-Stake-Address