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Submit contract to chain

Submit a signed (Cardano) transaction that opens a new Marlowe contract. The transaction must have originally been created by the POST /contracts endpoint. This endpoint will respond when the transaction is submitted successfully to the local node, which means it will not wait for the transaction to be published in a block. Use the GET /contracts/{contractId} endpoint to poll the on-chain status.

Path Parameters
contractId string REQUIRED

Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^[a-fA-F0-9]{64}%23[0-9]+$

A reference to a transaction output with a transaction ID and index. The value must be URL encoded by replacing the '#' character with %23.

Request Body
cborHex string REQUIRED
description string REQUIRED
type string REQUIRED

What type of data is encoded in the CBOR Hex. Valid values include "Tx era", "TxBody era", and "ShelleyTxWitness era" where era is one of "BabbageEra", "ConwayEra".


Invalid body


contractId not found